Cleveland Clinic – Organizational Redesign & Facilities Optimization

  • The Cleveland Clinic sought ways to transform the organization to proactively meet and address the uncertainties in the healthcare industry. One of the Clinic’s groups—Real Estate, Design/Planning, Construction, Facilities & Media Operations—was a complex, highly decentralized enterprise, that wished to increase accountability. This group’s culture was misaligned with the way it needed to operate, and in looking for ways to redefine itself, engaged Stegmeier Consulting Group (SCG) for its change management expertise. SCG designed an approach for Real Estate, Design/Planning, Construction, Facilities & Media Operations that would be aligned with the overall enterprise’s goals to serve patients Faster, Better, and with Less Cost. 
  • Key areas of focus included:
    1. Cultural Identity (Clearly define who we are and how we are perceived both inside the Cleveland Clinic as well as by the external community. Create and sustain a culture of excellence.)
    2. Roles and Responsibilities (Reduce redundancy by highlighting gaps, reconfiguring work, and clearly articulating who is accountable.)
    3. Process Efficiencies (Focus on improving cycle time, quality, and accuracy. Design and function as the most efficient organization possible.)
    4. Performance Metrics (Including all organizational, workgroup, and individual contributor levels).
  • SCG studied Real Estate, Design/Planning, Construction, Facilities & Media Operations’ reporting structures, how work orders were scheduled and assigned, process efficiencies, and methods for managing and measuring performance. The consulting team led an intense data gathering process, including work flow and work task observations, one-on-one interviews, working sessions with senior leadership, employee focus groups, cross-discipline brainstorming sessions, and analyzed the data for actionable findings. 
  • A full report of recommendations was delivered with quantifiable and qualifiable data on alternatives for consideration over a multiple-year time period, including restructuring to a matrix organization with clear roles, responsibilities, and expectations for accountability.