Stakeholder Interviews

The people important to you have a lot to say. Are you listening? Are you asking the right questions? Clients like you partner with SCG to conduct interviews of key stakeholders to learn insights that matter.

Exit Interviews & New Hire Check-Ins

Large employers, especially those in hot job markets, stand to gain significantly from the insights gathered from a well-orchestrated exit interview process. What’s the reason this talent has walked out the door? Are you sure an exit interview with an employee’s HR business partner or direct supervisor will yield the true answer?

There is immense value in partnering with an unbiased third-party to conduct your organization’s exit interviews. Our skilled facilitators will discover and document an unfiltered look at your organization through the eyes of those who lived through your culture.

Similarly, interviews with recently-hired employees who come with a fresh set of eyes and are just settling into the employee experience, can unearth some very telling details of how closely your actual culture is aligned with how you presented it during the hiring process and on your website. In both cases, partnering with SCG ensures employees speak freely and openly, without fear of any repercussions from speaking the truth.

Executive Interviews

Stegmeier Consulting Group has experience engaging individuals at all levels of an organization. Often times our consultants meet directly with executive leadership to gain insights about a company’s direction and goals, straight from the individuals steering the ship.

Whether we’re meeting with executives, VPs & directors, people managers, or front-line employees, SCG can work with you to prepare customized interview questions that touch on all the critical areas you’d like to learn more about. SCG will draft all interview communications, including an “Invitation to interview” announcement that can be distributed internally to leaders in advance of the interview. SCG will then facilitate the interviews to obtain each individual’s feedback on the agreed upon topic(s), such as the future of the industry, future work at the organization, areas to exponentially enhance the performance of the organization, and opportunities to align the firm’s image and brand with internal and external perceptions.

Once all targeted individuals have been interviewed, SCG will compile the interview responses for subsequent analysis and reporting, with the goal of identifying response patterns and trends, as well as challenges and concerns your organization may be facing.

Key Stakeholder Interviews

During a change initiative, SCG can meet individually with key stakeholders in order to help ensure all parties are on the same page, and are receiving or delivering support where needed. These stakeholders can include any key members of the organization involved in the project; commonly from human resources, real estate, facilities, and communications.

Additionally, our team can be relied upon to meet separately with outside vendors such as design firms, move consultants, or furniture vendors. After obtaining thoughts and feedback from these important sources, we can circle back to the project team or steering committee to provide recommendations focused on keeping the initiative moving forward smoothly.


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