Customer + Employee Engagement

Motivate stakeholders to take an active role in the change process. Solicit feedback and obtain buy-in from your employees/managers/constituents/customers.

Engaging Key Stakeholders During a Change

You want to engage your workforce in the changes being planned, but how can you provide your workforce a voice, without misinterpretation that they have a vote? That question is likely followed by numerous others. When do we begin an employee engagement initiative? How many representatives should we select from various-sized business groups? Volunteers or nominations?

customer employee engagement consulting activitiesFrom roles & responsibilities to governance, SCG can help you create a network of change advocates within your organization. We’ll establish an effective feedback loop for employees to have their voices heard & answers to questions provided. Create a channel to enhance employee engagement and elevate morale throughout the introduction of a change initiative, ultimately, guiding the workforce to understand, accept, and adopt the change.

SCG’s creative staff can support you will all of this, and in addition, plan educational & entertaining employee engagement activities and memorable events that will be talked about for months to come.


Employee & Customer Engagement Services

SCG offers a number of ways to measure and improve the engagement of key stakeholders.



Revamp your Employee Engagement or Customer Engagement Program

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