Workplace Strategy Consulting

What is workplace strategy?

Workplace strategy consists of strategic planning & exercises to map out the future of your physical work environment. Determining how to properly allocate work space & what amenities will be provided can enable your workplace to be a destination of choice.

workplace strategy consulting can help with the transition to an open plan workplace or activity based workIn order to design an optimized and future-proof work environment, organizations must first understand how individuals and teams currently work, how they’d ideally prefer to operate, and gain perspective on how members of the workforce may need to function moving forward. A sound workplace strategy needs to be the foundation for any corporate real estate portfolio. 

Any design not rooted in this principle is merely a flavor of the month workplace trend, as opposed to a purposeful effort to guide the evolution of the workplace experience that takes into account your corporate culture and business objectives.

A holistic design and workplace strategy transcend simple departmental adjacencies and allocation of space; partnering with SCG ensures the next iteration of the workplace is uniquely yours.

Our approach to workplace strategy

When vetting workplace strategists for a consulting relationship, consider the firm’s underlying business objective. Many architectural and design firms offering workplace strategy will push a dramatic look with the goal of getting your project on the cover of Interior Design Magazine. Big real estate brokerages may confidently throw around buzz words but are ultimately focused on getting you to sign a lease. Contract furniture manufacturers may claim to have a workplace strategist that can help you if you’ll commit to purchasing their latest workstations and soft seating offerings.

What all of these approaches lack is a full, unbiased focus on your specific business challenges and goals. SCG’s independent workplace strategy expertise allows your organization to effectively marry business objectives, corporate culture, and real estate constraints into an office environment that can become a destination and enable employees to work in a manner that improves productivity.

Too often, corporate real estate teams will put the cart before the horse and select a design concept before fully investigating how employees actually work or getting a solid understanding of how team members will work in the future–don’t let a design dictate your workplace strategy!


Workplace strategy consulting services

SCG offers a number of workplace strategy deliverables and activities to kick start your organization’s real estate initiative.

How do we develop a workplace strategy?

Ready to develop or refine your workplace strategy?