Work From Home Policies & Procedures

The right work from home policies & procedures for YOUR unique company

Get with the times! If you haven’t dusted off your flexible work policy in 15 years or if managers just aren’t on board with employees working from home, we can help.

work at home flexwork policiesFlexwork at companies often happens organically. A couple employees need a little leniency in when they arrive/leave the office for childcare or personal reasons, so they work staggered hours. A manager may be up late working at home on a critical item and decide to simply work remotely the next day as there were no in-person meetings scheduled. Amplify the effects of this on a larger scale and you suddenly have pockets of employees working from home with no formalized guidelines or policy.

Take it a step further and, as an employer, you’ll soon have an inequitable solution to remote or flexible work–invariably, some leaders will recognize that offering flexible work is a way for employees to be more productive and many of their team members may be permitted to work more flexibly. Other managers will be uncomfortable with the employees they supervise being out of sight–how will we know they are working?

A formalized work from home policy and set of procedures is a good starting point to standardize your company’s expectations for how work will be completed in a remote setting. An official flexwork program also can help attract and retain talent. This is especially true employees who may work for a more traditional supervisor who is not yet comfortable with a distributed team, as extending to them previously unavailable flexible work options can be a big win.

How can you formalize a work from home policy or flexwork program?

SCG’s approach to assisting organizations with flexwork programs, on-campus mobility, and even unassigned seating begins with developing policies and guidelines to establish the program’s infrastructure. Included in this step is a process of reviewing, and modifying, existing flexwork/telework/work from home policies, as needed.

We then begin the process of creating communication materials to launch your program, cascading consistent messaging down through the various organizational levels.

To overcome any manager resistance that may arise to the new policies, SCG can incorporate into our customized manager training a module on their accountability in managing the performance of direct reports—regardless of where and when they work. Education to individual contributors can also be customized to train employees on new ways of working and how to be successful in a more mobile environment.


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