Many enterprises’ efforts in implementing workplace change initiatives have produced less than optimal results, or have failed altogether, due to factors that business leaders may not know are linked.

A key result of Stegmeier Consulting Group’s research spanning nearly 20 years was the discovery of 15 interdependent tangible and intangible factors — Critical Influences™ — that impact behavior in the workplace, enable or hinder the success of the workplace strategy and, ultimately, the achievement of overall corporate goals. The results of the study demonstrate the universal impact these 15 factors have on behavior in the workplace, regardless of the type of business or the size of the organization.

Using the Critical Influence Approach™ early in the planning of your organization’s workplace strategy, SCG can take a broad look at your enterprise and assess what issues may be barriers to effectively implementing your chosen strategy.

The 15 Critical Influences™

Click on any of the 15 Critical Influences™ in the interactive graphic below to see a positive and negative example for each.

When seeking to change the way work gets done at your organization, be sure to look at the big picture; most workplace consultants will focus exclusively on the physical work environment, and how that change will affect your workforce. Stegmeier Consulting Group takes a more holistic approach to workplace change, examining the 14 other key factors, as well, that if left unchecked, can derail any workplace initiative.

What’s the buzz from industry thought leaders?

“The Critical Influence Approach™ to solving the problem of conflicting objectives (reducing costs and enhancing performance in the workplace) is compelling. It resonates at the core of our business objectives.”

“The concept of the 15 Critical Influences™ is very powerful and comprehensive, and seeks to bring a 360 approach to understanding the work environment—one that speaks the language of senior management. It can help us have more in-depth dialogue with our executives when it comes to making workplace decisions that will impact the workforce.”

“Stegmeier Consulting Group’s research reveals 15 Critical Influences™ that can make or break workplace strategies. Most futurists do not provide practical applications to incorporate today—Stegmeier is the exception to the rule!”

“My guess is that this book will be a bestseller in the design community and hopefully, its principal theme, the 15 Critical Influences™, will be adopted as standard for use by all designers.”

“The 15 Critical Influences™ ought to be studied by every business professional.”

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