One of the biggest questions our clients ask is, “When do we get leadership involved in our change initiative?”

Organizations often struggle with getting leaders aligned to accept and adopt a new workplace strategy. The struggle often occurs because the workplace changes have already been determined, and NOW you’re expecting alignment.

Or, are you exploring workplace changes, and want to ensure that those changes reflect the successful leadership approach already in place in the organization? Leaders should be brought into the process and engaged sooner rather than later. Leadership Engagement = Alignment.

Stegmeier Consulting Group’s Aligning for Action workshops, Leadership Onboarding Campaigns, Leader Toolkits, Executive Coaching, and other offerings can get managers from all levels of your organization onboard quickly, and keep them engaged and visible to employees throughout the change process.



Leadership Alignment Services

SCG offers a number of activities to aide in the process of getting your leaders on the same page and moving in the right directions.



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