Stegmeier Consulting Group’s ongoing research on resistance to workplace change has spanned more than 20 years, examining over 230 different organizations in 31 diverse industries. Initial goals for the research were established to discover recurring themes in resistance to workplace change and to identify factors having universal impact on behaviors in the work environment, regardless of the organization’s size or industry. The research study led to our discovery of 15 such factors which have come to be known as the Critical Influences; 15 interdependent tangible and intangible factors impacting behavior in the workplace, success of the workplace strategy, and ultimately, on the achievement of organizational results.

These findings were captured in our founder Diane Stegmeier’s book, Innovations in Office Design: The Critical Influence Approach to Effective Work Environments. As students of workplace change, we continue to gather lessons-learned from each unique client engagement.

Periodically, Stegmeier Consulting Group conducts unique research initiatives, studying different factors related to how changes in an organization’s work environment affect employee productivity, engagement, and morale.

With the pervasiveness of open offices and activity based working, SCG has now concluded its latest workplace endeavor, our State of the Open Office Research Study.  To better capture the specific “whys” of resistance, as well gather data on typical current and future planned work environments, SCG briefly interviewed nearly 500 workplace professionals to understand their biggest personal concern for working in a more open office, as well as the current and likely future workplace standards. The results allow those in the workplace sector to inject some real data into the often one-sided discussion of open offices.

Our knowledge and insights on various topics surrounding workplace change are routinely sought out by partners in the industry. Furniture manufacturer Knoll, for instance, commissioned our team to produce two white papers on important subjects recently. The first white paper is entitled Communicating Workplace Change and focuses on the who, why, what, when, and how of change communication. The topic of the second white paper is Selling Upward – Securing Leadership Buy-In for Workplace Change; because even the best laid plans for a workplace initiative can be derailed if the top decision makers aren’t on board.

We’re also proud to share with interested parties a white paper we developed for Citrix Online entitled The Business Case for Web Commuting–simply fill out the form below to request any of these documents.


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