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Modern Workplace Technology for the Office Environment

Workplace technology, such as occupancy sensors, beacons, room booking software, workplace apps and workplace IoT (internet of things) devices can both add to the employee workplace experience and help you understand how space is being used. When both outcomes happen, you’re able to make your office a destination and rightsize your real estate footprint, adding to your bottom line.

Whether you’re exploring hoteling solutions or need a solution to manage your real estate portfolio, we can help.

You may have already vetted the providers for a room reservation system, but who’s meshing the capabilities and functionality of the system with your desired worker mobility profiles? Who’s coaching you regarding the specific business rules to integrate into the product?

The missing ingredient to optimizing your investment in workplace technologies is often the understanding of workforce behaviors–both current behaviors and those expected of employees in the new work environment. Stegmeier Consulting Group’s support to clients in selecting and/or optimizing the technology solutions appropriate for their unique requirements is independent, unbiased, and free of a conflict of interest.


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