Communication, Communication, Communication. It’s the key to every good relationship and every successful change initiative.

To ensure the success of your initiative, SCG can develop an overarching communication strategy.  We can then create a comprehensive plan and schedule that will keep each stakeholder informed of the change and how it will affect them. Whether your change initiative affects your students, constituents, key customers, or employees, our team is experienced in managing the constant need for communication between our clients and the people who matter most.

Our communication plans are designed to address the right audiences, in the right sequence, at the right points in the process. This thoughtful approach provides everyone involved with an understanding of what’s changing, what’s staying the same, and what may be expected of them.

Our communication plans and schedules provide the sequencing of messages, and bullet points to guide you in formulating each message, however many clients rely on SCG to fully author the various communication pieces to be shared outward. In doing so, we pride ourselves on consistency with the branding, message, and unique voice of your organization.

Of course, not all communication requirements can be predicted. When unforeseen circumstances arrive, SCG can provide crisis communication on a just-in-time basis.


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