Workplace Observations

Observe and report. Workplace observations allow us to get up close and personal with your workforce for a true sense of the inner-workings of your organization and how team members use their workspace.

Site Tours to Observe Work Behaviors and Space Usage

How can your workplace or workforce operate more efficiently? On-site observations from our consultants can determine areas of strength, weakness, opportunity, and even threats to achieving maximum workplace productivity. With experience working with a multitude of clients spread across numerous industries over the duration of two-plus decades in business, you can feel confident our consultants can provide meaningful insights. Imagine being able to design your next workplace with these findings readily accessible.

Space tours and general employee behavior observations are two ways in which information is visually obtained and documented. Reporting is particularly impactful when SCG is able to pair observations of an existing work environment with observations of a new work environment (either at a later date or a separate location). Helpful comparisons, contrasts, and recommendations will be reported, all with the goal of ultimately ensuring your newly implemented workplace strategy is producing the desired results.


Job Role Shadowing/Undercover Boss/Secret Shopper

Clients often want to know more about specific concerns affecting certain job roles or departments. SCG can help your organization identify an appropriate individual, or group of individuals, that would be ideal participants in a job-shadowing endeavor. Typically these are strong, well-rounded employees that can demonstrate their recommended best practices in given situations.

For organizations with locations spread across the country or a region, SCG can even help plan an approach that involves shadowing individuals at high-performing locations, and locations struggling with productivity or adapting to change. Our subsequent reporting would highlight differences in challenges, approaches, and cultures at each location. Recommendations would aim to bring the struggling locations up to the level of their high-performing counterparts.

For an even more true-to-life information-gathering experience, consider an in-depth approach! Our consultants are able to insert themselves into your organization as an “undercover” employee, so they may experience first-hand the ebbs and flows of life in your organization.


Conduct observations of your workforce and workplace

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