Work Style Profiles

Work style profiles can support data-driven design based on an employee’s level of mobility, time on campus, task uniformity, & technology needs.

Work style profiles to document space usage & workplace needs

A critical component of an effective workplace design is understanding how individuals and teams user their space now, how they’d like to work in a perfect world, and how their needs may change based on how work is evolving. SCG can work with you to develop a set of personas that classify the type/size of space allocated to job roles & specific individuals, incorporating provisioning of technology and current or potential flexible work arrangements.

Focused work or collaboration? It should have an impact on office space allocation.

With a focus on an employee’s level of mobility, time on campus, task uniformity, & technology needs, work style profiles allow an organization to methodically provision space and resources in a more logical fashion than a “how we’ve always done it” method that typically provides greater space and privacy to individuals at a higher pay grade, whether or not it is needed.

Data-driven office design aided by work style profiles

The personas created in a work style profile guide can be shared with your architectural, engineering, or interior design group to augment any additional programming efforts as they plan your next office. By undertaking the important task of quantifying your end-users’ workplace experience and thoughtfully considering how teams and individuals can operate more effectively, an organization can better define the next iteration of its workplace, thus enabling a more data-driven approach to office design.


Be sure to create work style profiles before your next corporate real estate initiative

Let’s take a closer look at how your employees work and what they need to be successful. Contact SCG through the form below and we can begin the process of systemizing how resources and office space is allocated to your workforce.