Open office designs have been catching on in recent years as organizations realize that implementing such a design can save on real estate overhead and help foster collaboration.

The resistance to these new office layouts has been well-documented, both by pundits in the media and within the client organizations Stegmeier Consulting Group advises each day. We believe that with an effective change management plan, even the most fiercely-resistant employees can thrive in a new work environment, regardless of how open or traditional it is. Nevertheless, the pervasiveness of this topic begs for more data on why (or why not) employees are reluctant to work in an open plan.

To better capture the specific “whys” of resistance, as well gather data on typical current and future planned work environments, Stegmeier Consulting Group conducted a research study – The State of the Open Office. The results will allow those in the workplace sector to inject some real data into the often one-sided discussion of open offices.

The State of the Open Office Research Study contains insights from a total of 482 individuals, 49 of whom we interviewed in person at NeoCon in June of 2015, and 433 who submitted data electronically at through February 2016. Nearly 200 respondents provided a business email address, allowing our analysts to cross-check each organization’s workforce size for a total representative populace of over 5.5 million employees. While not every employee works in an office environment, this figure is likely quite conservative, taking into account that 59% of all responses were submitted anonymously.

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