Space Utilization Studies

How do you conduct a space utilization study for an office environment?

Gathering data on how space is used is an important first step in optimizing a real estate portfolio, but what, then do you do with this information? Interpreting, translating, and applying that data to your workplace strategy is critical.

Whether it is via our proprietary app WorkSlice™, on-site workplace observations, or an occupancy sensor study that we can coordinate for you, gaining an understanding of how space is being utilized in your workplace, and to what extent, is crucial.

Analyzing workspace utilization data

Hard data, however, can only take you so far. SCG’s consultants can analyze any data your team has already collected, augment with our collection efforts (or start from scratch with us), summarize the findings, and offer actionable recommendations. Our team will then facilitate dialogue to align project teams and build consensus among decision makers.

Don’t leave your workplace strategy up to chance. Use real data, and rely on professional analysis to optimize your workplace.


Conduct a space utilization study for your office or multiple workplaces in your corporate real estate portfolio

Ready for us to take a look at how your workplace is being used? SCG has extensive experience in leading workplace metrics and can lead a space utilization study for your company. One differentiator of partnering with us is that we are actually willing and able to make recommendations to your real estate group based on the data gathered from a space utilization study. Fill out the form below to get started.