Communications Content & Materials

Developing communication pieces for your change initiative

Memos, announcements, flyers. Well-crafted communication pieces are essential to the success of any change initiative.

Effective communications content and materials is critical to your project’s success. Whether you’re seeking to augment or outsource a spread-too-thin internal communications team or if you just need a seasoned writer on a project-basis, SCG has ample experience in crafting the critical messaging that our clients deliver to their key stakeholders.

Memos, talking points, toolkits, emails, slide decks, and content for video display monitors all need to be clear, concise, and on-point. SCG prides itself on learning the voice of our clients and creating communication content and materials that require minimal review. In generating communication pieces that follow your specific branding guidelines, SCG can handle the heavy lifting so all you have to do is “click send.”

Should we develop our own communications content in-house?

While many clients will rely on our team to create their communication content and materials, others choose to take a first pass at generating this content and then incorporating SCG into the review process, especially if the messaging touches on an area of our expertise, such as getting employees ready for a move into a new office environment.

Beyond creating or reviewing this essential content for our clients, we are also able to develop a communication strategy and plan that touches on the best way to reach your stakeholders, contains initial bullet points for each recommended message, and maps out the sequencing of these messages.


Memos, talking points, toolkits, emails, and slide decks for your change initiative

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