Greatness doesn’t happen by accident. Top organizations prepare their employees for change by providing timely, relevant, and engaging training.

Clients have engaged SCG to develop training content and facilitate training sessions on numerous topics, such as courses including “Dispelling the Myths of the Open Office,” “A Day in the Life in Your New Workplace,” “Best Practices for Working Remotely,” and “Leading a Distributed Team.” We will work closely with you to identify appropriate training topics and methods, and develop a unique training course customized for your specific corporate culture, challenges, and goals.

SCG offers training facilitation in web-based, onsite facilitator-led, and train-the-trainer formats. Recordable web-based training formats allow our consultants to link up and facilitate sessions virtually with trainees. This format is often preferred by organizations looking to save time and consultant travel costs. On-site training is also an option, with SCG consultants having the ability to travel right to you to lead the skills session at your office or training center. Finally, train-the-trainer formats allow our team to convey important concepts and messaging to your organization’s trainers, so they may cascade this knowledge throughout your workforce. Train-the-trainer courses include a full facilitator guide with speaker notes, a great solution for when you have a large employee population to train.


Training Course: Focus + Concentration in the Open Workplace

This course addresses the biggest employee concerns about working in the open plan: audio and visual distractions. This training program includes:

  • Perceptions of working in the open workplace
  • The truths about focus and concentration
  • Components integrated into the workplace design
  • How to choose the best workspace setting
  • Tips for improving your concentration
  • Exercises to sharpen your focus
  • Workplace protocols to guide the desired behavior
  • Individual Action Plan


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