Developing Workplace Protocols for an Open Office Floor Plan – Case Study – Time Inc.

Developing workplace protocols & etiquette for a move to an open office floor plan: a case study on media work environments

Engaging your workforce to create office etiquette guidelines for a move to an open floor plan

  • Time Inc.’s relocation from the iconic 1.2 million square foot, 48-story Time & Life Building at 1271 Avenue of the Americas (having been there since 1959) to its new 700,000 square feet headquarters at 225 Liberty Street and an open office environment was met with much resistance. A 42% reduction in real estate would surely necessitate working in new ways.
  • Stegmeier Consulting Group (SCG) ensured alignment of the workforce strategy with Time Inc.’s new workplace strategy by bridging the gap between people and place. With a goal of breaking down silos and leveraging the best ideas from each company brand (Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Food & Wine, Real Simple, People, Travel + Leisure, Golf, Money, Cooking Light, and others), SCG’s approach emphasized inclusion and a sense of community in the implementation of change management activities to create a spirit of one team in order to settle quickly into their new, dramatically different office environment.
  • SCG facilitated a number of Workplace Protocol Development Workshops with Time Inc.’s 60 Move Captains. Our consultants analyzed the results of the Protocol Development Workshops, incorporated best practices from other client engagements, and developed a Workplace Protocols Guide reflecting Time Inc.’s unique organizational culture. Introducing the protocols to employees was accomplished in an entertaining way. SCG developed the themes and wrote the scripts for a sequence of humorous video clips featuring CEO Joe Ripp and other key influencers demonstrating the poor etiquette that the Workplace Protocols were developed to squelch.

Develop a set of workplace protocols for your company’s move to an open office floor plan

If you’re moving to a modern work environment, such as an open office floor plan or activity-based working, be sure to develop guidelines for employee behavior and usage of their workspace. We’ve found it is best to get employees involved in the process, which dramatically increases their buy-in of the new workplace strategy. Take the first step by reaching out to Stegmeier Consulting Group through the form below.