Cleveland Clinic – Employee Engagement

The Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Operations group sought to increase patient satisfaction scores by examining whether there was a correlation between employee engagement and the quality of the care being delivered to patients.

Like many organizations, the Cleveland Clinic administered the Gallup Survey bi-annually to measure employee engagement. The survey produced much data, but failed to translate the findings to the goals and objectives of each unique medical group, nor deliver an actionable path forward unique to that group.

The quantitative and qualitative input of more than 600 caregivers was required, in order to help determine the factors impeding employee engagement, and ultimately preventing caregivers from delivering the best patient care possible.

Stegmeier Consulting Group (SCG) led a series of focus groups for more than 600 caregivers working at various shifts throughout the day to determine employee concerns, which subsequently yielded common themes preventing employee engagement.

SCG provided the Clinic a full set of data, a comprehensive report of the findings, and recommended improvements.