Rolling out an On-Campus Mobility & Flexible Work Program – Case Study – Principal Financial Group

Rolling out an On-Campus Mobility & Flexible Work Program: A case study on flexwork in the financial services industry

Integrating flexwork and on-campus mobility into your workplace strategy

Principal Financial Group’s master real estate plan called for a redesign of the organization’s 2.4 million square feet headquarters campus in Des Moines, Iowa, which housed 6,000 employees. A critical component of their new workplace strategy would be to overhaul and increase enrollment in their flexwork program and dramatically expand their new on-campus mobility program which saw some employees transition to 100% unassigned office seating.

With a robust, existing flexible work program, Principal needed an independent, unbiased review and analysis of their flexible work policies & procedures. Principal reached out to Stegmeier Consulting Group (SCG) for our strong reputation for bridging the gap between people and place, our understanding of how the decisions being made by real estate, technology, and other disciplines would impact employees, and our ability to translate the ramifications and potential risks into new policies for employees whose job functions indicated that a dedicated workstation was not essential.

Flexible work policy review & customized training for employee success

SCG analyzed hundreds of web pages, manuals, policy documents, onboarding materials, manager and employee handbooks, and other collateral pieces and ultimately refined and seamlessly integrated an on-campus mobility program into Principal’s flexible work offerings.

SCG developed a comprehensive change management strategy and communication plan, and led efforts to create and roll out messaging and activities that prepared mobile workers for new ways of working. SCG developed and delivered customized training modules for both mobile workers and their leaders, ensuring alignment with the work style definitions for focused, collaboration/project team, mobile, and remote workers. A critical aspect of the training included training not only on the new on-campus mobile work policies themselves, but also on the eligibility requirements, enrollment process, and expectations for performance and how employee results would be measured.

Consulting services to support the launch of an on-campus mobility and flexible work program

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