Evaluation of a New Workplace Strategy – Case Study – Oracle NetSuite

Evaluation of a new workplace strategy: A case study on tech workplaces

Evaluating the adoption of your workplace strategy

Oracle NetSuite’s goal was to maximize space utilization for its portfolio of offices that support its rapidly increasing headcount. The client sought to identify opportunities to introduce mobile work, ensuring that the associated human resource policies would address distributed work. With NetSuite recently being acquired by Oracle, the client wished to develop its own flexible work program, rather than adopt the program already in place at Oracle.

Stegmeier Consulting Group (SCG) was engaged by Oracle NetSuite to evaluate the organization’s new workplace strategy across its North American offices. To better understand how the workplace supports employees and identify how employees work most efficiently, SCG deployed a number of evaluation techniques to determine the effectiveness of the workplace strategy and identify any needed changes.

Keeping various office design standards in mind when evaluating a workplace strategy

Due to localized decisions and the acquisition of various businesses, each of Oracle NetSuite’s North American locations features different design standards. In addition, each Oracle NetSuite office contains different lines of business, creating a challenge in developing and implementing an enterprise-wide workplace strategy.

Using badge swipe data to understand work space utilization

SCG reviewed data provided from utilization studies and time-stamped badge swipes to better understand the measurement of employee utilization across all Oracle NetSuite offices. SCG also conducted interviews of employees in the company’s Chicago and Boston offices, across all lines of business and hierarchy, to better understand how the workplace supports the employees. SCG also extracted sentiments from employees across the other Oracle NetSuite North America offices, to develop a comprehensive recommendation for the best workplace strategy for Oracle NetSuite across the enterprise.

Assess the impact of your workplace strategy

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