Why companies are doing away with assigned desks


f20fc715-5792-4b64-8e1f-082aaa3a79dd.jpgIt sounds like a gag straight out of a Dilbert cartoon. But for a growing number of companies, taking away assigned desks and turning employees into office nomads has its advantages.


Citi, executives saw office work space going unused because employees were home sick, out on vacation or on flexible schedules. So the company filled an entire floor of a building in Long Island City with conference rooms, meeting areas and desks — but no assigned desks. In fact, there are only 150 spaces for 200 people, according to Harvard Business Review. Employees put their personal belongings in lockers and simply find a space where they want to work.

Source: www.cbsnews.com


Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight…

The trend of companies seeking a more mobile and “agile” workforce continues to grow as this article documents.  Presently, most work environments are set up to maximize productivity.  What a redesigned and more team-focused environment does, however, is inspire collaboration and innovation.  The goal?  Maximize productivity AND innovation simultaneously.  At Stegmeier Consulting Group, we work with organizations in various fields and of all sizes to help with transitions to new office layouts and new ways of thinking about workplace efficiency. Check out our case study of the work we did to help Time Inc. implement their new open office strategy.

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