The Open Office: What’s Working And What’s Not?

Facility Executive - State of the Open OfficeSCG’s Kristen Reed & Matthew Stegmeier authored a piece for Facility Executive’s February 2017 edition, covering the results of our State of the Open Office Research Study and offering some practical tips for the many scenarios today’s facilities and corporate real estate professionals face in planning for and implementing a new office design.


The term “open office” is a lightning rod for those in the corporate world. With articles, blog posts, and other commentary coming out seemingly every week (many of them negative), there is no shortage of opinion about this office design. As a facility executive, it is a topic that can’t be ignored; as the open plan becomes more mainstream, it’s likely that someone from your organization knows someone who has had a negative experience in this type of work environment. Due to the pervasiveness of this design, employees may just assume their office will be next. Regardless of actual plans for future workplace endeavors, it’s helpful to have a solid grasp on the concept. So what do facilities professionals need to know?


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