FMJ Magazine: The State of the Open Office

IFMA FMJ SOOSSCG’s Sarah Mravec and Diane Stegmeier authored a piece for IFMA’s FMJ magazine’s January/February 2017 edition, covering the results of our State of the Open Office Research Study and offering some practical tips for the many scenarios today’s facilities and corporate real estate professionals face in planning for and implementing a new office design.

Transitioning to an open office layout from a more conventional design involves not only assessing the physical workplace and design options, but also tackling the “people side” of the workplace change using change management methods customized for the workforce. As a facility manager considering an open plan, before you begin evaluating your organization’s physical space and change management needs, it is imperative to understand how employees perceive open office layouts and what concerns they might have regarding these work environments.


Read the full article below and be sure to download a copy of our State of the Open Office Research Report.