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treadmill deskSay goodbye to bland-looking cubicles, dueling thermostat wars, constructed walls and flat panel TVs, as the office of the future instead will be comprised of sleeping pods, self-luminous walls and treadmill-operated desks, according to winning entries in NAIOP’s 2014 Build-Out/Interior Design Competition. Winning entries were submitted by design firms Dekker/Perich/Sabatini, Albuquerque, New Mexico; DLR Group, offices coast-to-coast; and Ware Malcomb, Irvine, California.

Source: www.naiop.org

Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight…

Treadmills and bicycles at workstations.  Nanoparticle lighting systems.  Biowalls to improve air quality.

The future workplace is being built today, and by all accounts we should be in for some exciting enhancements thanks to ergonomically appropriate and eco-friendly designs.  But while the future concepts are sure to pique the interest of young talent, what of the existing workforce?  Convincing an older, or more established workforce to trade their personalized cubicles and offices for open, flexible designs can be quite the challenge.

In fact, companies have invested large amounts of time and money in workplace change initiatives only to see those projects fail due to encountering unforeseen or unaddressed employee resistance.  Teaming with Stegmeier Consulting Group can help you transition your outdated work environment, and prepare the individuals in your organization to be productive and innovative in the workplace of the future.

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