How Cultural Transformation Can Improve Performance in Healthcare

“When doctors are viewed not as an important team member, but some sort of god-like royalty, culture change is difficult,” Stegmeier says. “Ultimately, healthcare organizations need to empower all caregivers to make a positive change, but taking that first step in either addressing the problem or asking for help can be a difficult thing to do.”



Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight….

SCG’s Matthew Stegmeier was recently interviewed on the subject of cultural transformation in healthcare organizations and shared some insights on some of the misconceptions commonly held by healthcare executives.


Stegmeier Consulting Group has partnered with top healthcare clients such as the Cleveland Clinic, Partners HealthCare (Massachusetts General, Brigham and Women’s), and Johnson & Johnson to lead change initiatives ranging from boosting employee engagement to changing the office environment and, in turn, entirely changing the way administrative caregivers conduct business.


We understand the unique organizational climate of healthcare organizations, as well as how healthcare reform is impacting how institutions must operate in an increasingly competitive marketplace.  If your organization is considering changes of any significance, we’d encourage you to connect with us to learn how SCG can be a resource in preparing and leading your caregivers through change.

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