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Cloud computing has forever changed the way we access information and perform business tasks. The cloud has saved us time and money, and made it possible for the advent of new technologies simply because storage and development in the cloud now permits it. But cloud computing is impacting our daily lives, especially given the growth of Internet of Things, connected devices and the modern workforce. As we move into 2015, I predict the cloud will greatly impact what’s on the horizon for workers. Here’s what you should look for in 2015:

Source: www.cloudwedge.com

Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight…

The trends we see in increased remote and mobile work do not appear to be slowing down as we get ready to jump into 2015.  As the author of this article points out, next year will be an enormous year for the evolving workplace, with mobile device usage increasing and the use of virtual meetings “advancing ten-fold.”

Technological advancements (such as the increasing prevalence of SaaS [software as a service] as more companies opt more commonly for cloud based solutions) allow us to communicate and collaborate with one another no matter what time it is, or where in the world we are located.  Is your organization poised to take advantage of opportunities when they arise?  Or is your company still bound by a rapidly aging concept that work is only done “at work”, during “business hours”?

Stegmeier Consulting Group can help your business transition to a new way of thinking about mobile and remote work.  Partnering with us will allow you to take advantage of the technologies that exist and prepare your employees to be as dynamic as they can be.

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