Office Hoteling: Flexible Workspace for Maximized Productivity

As companies strive for greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, employees such as Jeff are more often on the road and don’t need permanent designated office space that is rarely used. From a company standpoint, this isn’t an efficient use of space. But where do you put these workers when they are in the office? That’s where Office Hoteling offers the perfect solution.



Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight…

Even if members of your workforce do not travel 80% of the time as the individual in this piece does, your organization still maybe able to take advantage of the concept of hoteling.

For instance, if your employees are simply using their desks as “touchdown” spaces where they recover from and prepare for their next conference room meeting, perhaps that dedicated workstation is simply wasting space.  The same goes for desks of employees that have the ability to work remotely from a home office.  Companies that have moved to a hoteling structure have realized that a 1:1 desk to employee ratio can be inefficient and even costly.

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