How Coca-Cola Put People First in New Toronto HQ

In 2010, the Coca-Cola brand acquired the North American operations of Coca-Cola Enterprises, and Coca-Cola Canada was faced with the challenge of merging the newly consolidated business units into a single headquarters.


The company decided to abandon their offices in suburban Thorncliffe and move everyone to the heart of downtown Toronto – a bold choice, geared at attracting and retaining top talent to work for Coke.


Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight…

The images of the new Coca-Cola Canada headquarters are stunning, and the people-first theory behind the design is equally impressive.  Many businesses claim their employees are their most cherished asset:  they are the foundation of the organization, the front line and the behind the scenes miracle workers that connect a product or service to the rest of the world.  But while many make this claim, how many can back it up simply by offering up the look and feel of the workplace they are providing their people?


The bright colors and corridors filled with natural light (not to mention a relaxing looking outdoor break area) are meant to put a bounce in the step of employees as they make their way through the Coca-Cola headquarters.  The fact that the design offers a variety of work areas  (not just all open space) is key as well.  The idea that there is something for everyone  is an important factor in what makes this new design so appealing, and is sure to assist with Coca-Cola’s goal to attract and retain top talent.


However, it is important to focus not only on creating a great environment, but also for preparing employees for working in new ways, including taking ownership of the full gamut of work areas available to them. If your organization is considering a change to the working environment, contact Stegmeier Consulting Group.  We can make recommendations on architectural and design firms, as well as provide your organization with the guidance and training needed to fully prepare the workforce to use the new space as intended and to ensure a smooth implementation of your change initiative.


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