How To Deal With Your New Office’s New Open Floor Plan

“I feel like I’m being not only demoted, but punished. Every day I walk in and think, I must be being punished for something.”

While so many companies are moving to completely open floor plans, there’s bound to be some discontent, especially among those who previously held offices. I recently experienced this drastic change at my company, the result being that our CEO sits in a cubicle the exact same size as mine. Seriously. Prior to the move, people were undeniably antsy. On the first day in the new office, everyone looked positively shell-shocked.


Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight…

This article offers some great insight from someone who has had to learn to adapt to a new open-office environment.  The shame is that these ideas and suggestions (along with many others) could have been introduced to this workplace long before any kind of change took place.

What is your organization’s plan to avoid employees from being “shell-shocked” when a new workplace layout or strategy takes effect?  For many companies, there is little to no plan to transition from a traditional office to the open-office, or to a new culture of team members working remotely.

Reach out to Stegmeier Consulting Group early in your company’s change process and we can help prepare and train your workforce for the new work environment that will be introduced in the upcoming months or years.  Let us share our over 18-years of knowledge and experience gained through researching and assisting change initiatives with your project team. Stegmeier Consulting Group will help put your organization in the best possible position to reap the intended benefits of the change to your workplace.

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