flexible work and work from home as the new normal

Flexwork and Working from Home as the New Normal – Our Interview with WKYC Studios

SCG’s interview on corporate perceptions about flexible and remote work arrangements

The benefits of flexwork and work from home

WKYC studios, Cleveland’s NBC affiliate, interviewed Stegmeier Consulting Group’s Matthew Stegmeier about the status of flexible and remote work amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In a video interview featured in one of WKYC’s The Mother Load articles, Matthew explains how companies are starting to recognize the benefits of allowing flexibility in work schedules and implementing work from home set-up. 

The coronavirus situation has left companies with no choice but to provide remote working opportunities (if they were not already doing so) to maintain business continuity. While perceptions about it may initially differ among companies, there is a change of heart happening in some corporations and even a desire to permanently integrate flexibility and work from home arrangements into their workplace strategy. 

“A lot of organizations have been reaching out to us recently to kind of formalize those programs knowing that they can see some degree of success with it and they want to keep that going moving forward,” says Matthew.

Along with this realization, many people are finding reasons to quash the traditional thinking about these strategies. He further adds, “I think that we are seeing a mind shift away from ‘flexible work and work from home is a privilege,’ over to ‘this is just how we do business now.’ And it allows us to retain top talent. It lets us keep employees happy that are doing a good job for us, as opposed to ‘OK, this is only something for people who are the most successful performers or the people we like best.'”

How remote and flexible work fit into your workplace strategy

SCG’s expertise in workplace flexibility and work from home policies helps organizations use a systematic approach in creating a more flexible work culture and formalizing remote work procedures. Having worked with a multitude of clients, our team can offer professional assistance in preparing employees for a transition to flexible working while increasing collaboration in a more open work environment. For companies facing potential issues related to talent attraction and retention, our expertise in data gathering and change management helps companies explore options such as flexwork and understand how employees feel about the change.

As restrictions brought by the pandemic gradually start to be lifted in most parts of the world, many companies are having employees return to the office. If you are still dealing with uncertainties, worries, and doubts surrounding this critical decision, take the time to re-evaluate your coronavirus workforce re-entry strategy. It may also be the time to consider how your work models would look like moving forward and study how it will affect your work culture.

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