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You may have heard that “work is not a place; it’s a thing you do.”


I’m not sure when this phrase was first coined. But with mobile technology and changes in company personnel, policies have certainly made this a reality now.


However, workplaces are still important spaces. It’s where we connect with our colleagues, socialize and have unplanned conversations and interactions. Without the physical space, we can’t build these sorts of relations. Without physical space, organizations are in danger of becoming so loose that the culture just disappears. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I like to go somewhere to work and see and meet new people. Doing it virtually is just not the same.

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Stegmeier Consulting Group’s Insight…

Work-life balance has become an oxymoron of sorts, at least within its traditional definition.  As individuals strive to achieve more time away from the office, today’s mobile devices manage to tether them to their workplace responsibilities whether or not they are on the clock.  As Peter Black of Colliers points out in this article, “the boundaries of our workplace become fuzzier and fuzzier!”

Black argues that before the world gets swept up in any sort of mass work-from-home movement, corporate decision makers need to consider the benefits of the physical workspace.  He explains that being present within an office allows employees opportunities to collaborate, and have spontaneous conversations that simply could not occur working remotely.  Many companies, when considering their new office environments, have decided to commit to workplace strategies such as the open plan to encourage more of these same chance meetings and face-to-face interactions.

Stegmeier Consulting Group has had the privilege of assisting organizations that have instituted successful remote work programs, as well as organizations that that have placed an emphasis on the in-person power of the physical office.  In fact, some clients of ours have engaged us to help with a combination of both!  No matter which direction your organization views as its future, know SCG is a partner you can count on to help your people transition smoothly to whichever strategy you deem most appropriate.

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