Are Your Flex-Work Strategies on Target?

Sixty-seven percent of human resources professionals surveyed in the 2015 Workplace Flexibility Study believe their employees have a “balanced work-life.” But when you ask employees, you hear a different story.  Recent research shows that employees struggle to find the right work-life balance, with more than two-thirds of today’s U.S. workers struggling to balance their personal and professional lives.


Why the disconnect?




Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight…

Workplace flexibility is a fairly all-encompassing term that that describes an employer’s approach to offering unique workplace policies that allow for some freedom in how, when, or where employees conduct their work.


The key, however, is mentioned about halfway through this piece:  “understand what flexibility really means to (your employees).”


Some may prefer a flexible start time to help them avoid morning rush-hour.  Others may desire the ability to work from home some days to perform their individual focus work, or to avoid driving to the office in a snowstorm.  Some organizations have even gone as far as offering Fridays off during the summer for their people!  If your organization’s flexible work policy isn’t addressing the needs of your workforce, then it should be revised.


Developing a successful flex-work policy by offering a breadth of programs that appeal to all employees can have several benefits.  These include increased employee morale, a better sense of work-life balance, and an improved ability for your organization to attract and retain talent.
Organizations, however, should do their due diligence to determine which employees are ultimately the right fit for flex-work.  Working from home, for instance, requires an individual to be responsible and self-motivated.  A successful teleworker is also one whose job function does not require daily face-to-face interactions with coworkers or guests to the office.  Our team recommends utilizing FlexMatch Suitability Assessments to determine the employees who can most likely adapt to remote work, and managers that are able to lead in new ways successfully.


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