Urban Farming and Corporate Culture Collide in this Tokyo Office Building

Corporate offices in Tokyo don’t exactly have a great reputation. Drab, grey walls. Generic cubicles. Desks crammed next to each other. These are some of the images we conjure up. But there are an exceptional few trying to break the mold. And they’re not always tech startups.


In the center of Tokyo’s busy financial district is Pasona, a multi-national recruitment firm. When the company decided they needed a new headquarters they hired Japanese architect Yoshimi Kono to help renovate a large, 9-story building and adorn it with a lush, green wall. But the vegetation doesn’t just live on the exterior. Integrated within the building are urban farming facilities that occupy roughly 20% of the entire office space and support 200 species of fruits, vegetables and rice.


Source: www.spoon-tamago.com

Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight…

Take a break from your work to go farming just outside your cubicle! An interesting way to change the corporate culture. Aside from the pleasant views and smells an office farm could provide, it may have potential wellness benefits as well. The idea of biophilia, that humans have an innate desire to connect with other organisms, is part of the driving force behind this movement. Biophilia suggests that the act of farming and interacting with plants during lunch breaks or when work seems overwhelming can reduce stress and keep up employees mental health. Consider the benefits of urban farming in your office building and how it can improve company culture and employee wellbeing.

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