Is Telecommuting the Future of the Workforce or Not?

Back in January, Forbes contributor and CEO of TalentCulture Consulting Group Meghan M. Biro made a not-so-bold prediction: telecommuting is the future of work.


Stegmeier Consulting Group…

It is important that organizations do not see telecommuting as the  only future work setting. Organizations vary in what they need in a work arrangement. The future will be flexible work, of which telecommuting is just one option. For example, organizations offering condensed work weeks still require workers to work in-office, they just have the option to work longer hours on fewer days. Other companies are considering using temporary telecommuting as a way to help mothers transition back into work and the office after maternity leave.
HP and Yahoo brought their telecommuters back into the office, but that doesn’t mean that flexible work is detrimental to all companies.

We advise our clients to think about the kind of work they do, how their employees work, and what they need in order to be productive.  By planning and clearly understanding these three things, organizations won’t be stuck in situations like HP and Yahoo. They will know which members of the workforce can and should work flexibly. They will also know how to implement and support an ongoing program.

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