The “Shoves” and “Tugs” of Employee Engagement

If you saw our recent study in The New York Times, you already know the shocking news that in 42% of organizations, high performers are less engaged than low performers. But there’s a great deal of confusion over what motives people to be engaged. For example, 89% of managers surveyed believe that money is the biggest reason employees quit. But 91% of employees surveyed say money had nothing to do with their decision to leave                                             an organization.


Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight

It’s important to regularly focus on employee engagement–don’t make it a once-a-year push.  Employee engagement is especially important in large workplace changes. An engaged workplace initiative can prevent those big eruptions and solve problems as they are brewing by ensuring that employees buy into the change and understand their role in it. Employees should understand that during a large change they do have a voice, although not necessarily a vote. Engaging employees in a workplace transformation can be the key to ensuring a successful transition and happy employees. For an example of an engaged workplace initiative, check out our Time Inc. Case Study.

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