The Keys to Imprinting Innovation Into Company Culture Are Agility And Flexibility


Over the past 10 years we’ve seen a lot of new innovation within the tech startup community. What prevents large organizations from innovating at the same rate as small tech companies?



Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight…

This article presents us with an interview of Gabe Cooper, a leading mind in the software field.  Mr. Cooper discusses the need for larger tech organizations to become more “agile and resilient”, especially in the face of so many successful startup tech companies sprouting up these days.  Mr. Cooper stresses the importance  of agility and flexibility when it comes to a business model as opposed to a rigid, straight-forward approach that lacks the innovation shown by startup competition.

We at Stegmeier Consulting Group believe that agility and flexibility is just as important in the physical work space as it is in a corporate strategy.  Larger companies hoping to develop, maintain, or improve an innovative culture may want to take time to study the landscape in which their employees work.  Does this environment allow for collaboration?  Can employees move freely about the workplace without losing their ability to be productive?  And what remote working capabilities exist so employees spend more time generating ideas rather than commuting?  At SCG, we possess the tools and experience that can answer these questions and guide your company through a successful change initiative.

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