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A quick search on Google shows a combined global monthly total of over 50,000 searches involving the combination of terms “office”, “interior” and “design ideas”. Businesses and organizations all over the world are not only requiring a great workplace that can emphasize the brand values of the organization, but also one that maintains a primary objective to provide as a productive environment for its employees. But what truly makes a great workplace? Source:


Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight…

Those who examine the evolution of the workplace have come to learn that over the years the phrase “going to work” has shifted from “going to DO work” to physically being present at a certain location for a period of time.  Given that realization, it’s not surprising that such a strong emphasis has been placed recently on the quality and design of work’s physical location, especially as it pertains to the psychological state of the employees that occupy the space.

This article presents some interesting research and new ways of thinking about the workplace.  Mentioned, of course, is the popular topic of open-office layouts, which Stegmeier Consulting discusses in-depth in a recent blog.  Other items covered include interesting findings about how productivity is affected by natural lighting and even a room’s paint colors!

SCG has seen many clients transition their workplace from an outdated and bland office design to a re-energized layout using some of the very suggestions that are presented in this article.  If you’re making a change to your work environment, regardless of which particular workplace solution you ultimately land on, it’s important to ensure that your workforce is ready and empowered to use the space as intended.  It’s important to examine how a proposed change may affect employees and then come up with a game plan to make it a smooth transition for your workforce.

Check out both our Case Studies page as well as our project with Iron Mountain to see some examples of clients for whom we’ve led change management efforts and you’ll see how they’re happily conducting business in a vibrant environment!

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