Best Advice: Forget Work-Life Balance. Think Work-Life Integration.

When it comes to balancing life and work, I wish I could offer up some sage advice given to me long ago that solved all my problems. But the fact is for years I struggled with balance, keeping a busy job separate from my home life, and vice versa. And then, just last year, I heard something that stopped me in my tracks…


Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight…

This article offers a unique perspective on the question almost all workers face: how do I live a rewarding, well-rounded life that allows me to designate ample time for my career, my family, and myself?  The solution, according to this article, is called work-life integration.

Work-life integration is a mindset where, ideally, work and home life do not conflict with one another.  Instead, they are looked at as a whole.  For example, an employee may tend to think he or she needs to be a different person entirely once they step into the office.  The work-life integration approach, however,  encourages people to be themselves.  This may lead to lower stress and anxiety, and may actually make coming to the office a more pleasant experience.  This is an interesting break away from the long held idea of work-life balance, which as the name suggests, indicates that there should be clearly defined boundaries between life and work.

Whether your organization would like to encourage more work-life integration, or allow for better balance, we at Stegmeier Consulting Group recognize that time management is an important topic in the modern workplace.  We have worked with several companies who have sought to integrate and/or balance their employees’ time by offering flexible work schedules, mobile capabilities, and work-from-home programs.  Browse our website, or simply contact us to learn more about how we can help your workforce to a more productive style of working, simultaneously allowing employees an improved quality of life.

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