Telework Week Saved Feds 14 Million Miles, $13 Million

Mobile Work Exchange and the Office of Personnel Management on Thursday announced the impact more than 163,000 employees worldwide had by teleworking one week in March.

This year’s Telework Week, which ran March 3-7, drew 163,973 pledges, more than four times the 2011 number.The average Telework Week participant teleworked two days during the week, avoided a 45-mile round-trip commute into the office and saved 4.5 hours and $90 in commuting costs for the week.


Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight…

We recommend that clients pilot a telecommuting program before they commit to a long-term program. Every business is different and flexible work arrangements should reflect that. Setting aside a week to test remote operations can also help test business continuity before the next winter storm or other natural hazard.

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