Students design workstations that accommodate groups and individuals

New school and office workspace designs created by a group of Penn State engineering students are intended to allow users to share space and materials while maintaining their own work areas—a dual purpose the researchers say has been neglected.


Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight…

Stegmeier Consulting Group applauds Penn State University and their engineering students for their hard work and years of study on continuous improvement of shared workspace environments.

In 2002, the General Services Administration (GSA) began the Workplace 2020 initiative which was a project that sought to research what workplaces of the future may look like.  It was back then when the administration noticed the workplace becoming “increasingly more team-based and collaborative.”  Two of the “Hallmarks of the Productive Workplace” they identified were spacial equity and comfort: two areas this Penn State research program has worked hard to master since 2010!

Continuing to push the frontier on how organizations can work more efficiently and collaborate better is a passion we share as well.  We have worked with several clients across many industries who have successfully transitioned their employees away from confining and isolated work areas to open, more team-oriented settings.

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