Nike – Transition to Activity-Based Seating

  • Nike, Inc.’s Workplace Design + Connectivity team was in the process of implementing “Nike Freestyle,” an activity-based work strategy, at its Beaverton headquarters, and sought expert insights and perspective on their approach. Stegmeier Consulting Group (SCG) was engaged by Nike to serve as an adviser during the company’s re-evaluation of its existing transition management efforts to determine how Nike could best prepare its employees for new ways of working.
  • SCG performed on-site observation and assessment of the following: work modes, individual and group work styles, how well various individual and team spaces enabled productivity, creativity, and collaborative behaviors, cultural manifestations, and other data relevant to resistance to change. SCG reviewed Nike’s internally-developed change management processes and tools to identify any gaps that existed, and where appropriate, documented proprietary solutions from SCG’s broad portfolio of change management services for their consideration.
  • SCG conducted an Aligning for Action working session with Nike’s Global Transition leadership, with a goal of providing an unbiased, expert assessment of the organization’s proposed change management strategy. The facilitated event focused on ensuring the approach to managing change was aligned with corporate goals, workplace strategy objectives, and the company’s culture and philosophy on the employee experience. SCG provided industry best practices and innovative methods for leading workplace change, gaining consensus of the participants on which potential improvements could be made at Nike.  
  • Together with Nike leaders, a plan was created for managing employees’ transition to a work environment focused on activity-based seating.