How do the spaces and services you offer, along with your unique culture, impact the stakeholder experience? Explore & reimagine the user experience.

Your work, play, study, and community areas all send a message to the people using them. Do they perceive these spaces the way you think they do? Do they use them as intended? What do they want from these areas? How can you increase end-user engagement?

In the tech world, user experience (UX) typically pertains to optimizing software, an app, or a web site to maximize a desired outcome. But when it pertains to students, employees, customers, residents, or constituents, how can you perfect the UX to provide a top-rate experience, especially if you don’t have an algorithm or other data at your disposal to assist in decision making? It’s simple, really. Ask them. Better yet, ask SCG to ask them. As an unbiased, independent third party, participants in our User Experience Focus Groups typically open up to SCG facilitators with honesty and greater detail than if conducted using your internal resources.


UX Consulting Services

SCG offers a number of UX deliverables and activities to maximize the effectiveness of the end-user experience.


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