How Flex Work is Bad for Work-Life Balance

No more commute. No more awkward elevator rides. No more watching the clock tick slowly toward quitting time. And, best of all, flex work means better work-life balance.


Except only it’s not as easy as it sounds. Flexible work arrangements aren’t an automatic fix for work-life fit.



Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight…

Often times we here at SCG come across articles that cover the benefits of working from home or that provide helpful tips for the remote worker (you may have seen Stegmeier Consulting Group post articles in the past such as 9 Things Successful People Do When Working From Home, for example).

The uniqueness of this piece lies in the fact that it plays devil’s advocate and cautions readers to think twice before simply waltzing into a work from home setup.  The risks and pitfalls that are inherent with a telework program do exist, and it is important to be aware of these issues whether you are a veteran of the remote working environment, or someone that is newly transitioning out of working 9-5 at the office.

Our company has significant experience working with organizations that are instituting new, or expanding current telework programs.  We recommend (and assist with) the development of remote work policies that set expectations for everyone involved with teleworkers, including their coworkers and superiors.  We caution organizations not to look at remote workers as employees that should labor around the clock simply because of their convenient access to their home office.  While seemingly an efficient solution to address problems  that arise at various times throughout the day (or night), over-dependence on teleworkers can contribute to their inability to separate work-time from personal time, which can lead to employee burnout.

Telework does offer the best of both worlds:  the potential for increased productivity and employee work-life balance. However, there is no magic switch to flip to make the strategy work. Like most successful ventures in the business world, a teleworking initiative must be thoroughly planned and properly implemented.

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