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scg fed telework center“In the last century, many forward-thinkers thought that once teleworking got rolling, the majority of employees would NOT be working from home. They envisioned teleworking centers in places like D.C. and its Maryland and Virginia suburbs…




Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight…

Federal telework efforts began with the creation of several designated telework locations where workers could enjoy a relaxed working atmosphere, a short commute, and all the benefits of working at the office such as tech support, reliable equipment, and freedom from distractions. These spaces were intended to provide the benefits of both home and office. As soon as these centers opened, however, it became clear that simply working from home was preferred by the majority of workers. The government centers drew only a few employees, and ultimately closed.  This begs the question, why did this concept that seemed to meld home and office fall by the wayside?

Despite the benefits of the government’s telework spaces, they still lacked the work-life balance that working from home affords. Although the commute could be shorter, it did not allow flexible hours, nor did employees have the ability to manage daily life tasks and responsibilities easily. For instance, parents with small children still needed child care. The telework centers, while innovative, were unable to provide some of the most important aspects of telework. Employees simply did not find the same advantages in a telework center as they did in the comfort of their own homes. The federal government’s unsuccessful telework center venture proved that telework and flexible work policies are not easy to predict and that there are many factors that need to be considered.

With so much potential for error, creating and implementing a successful flexible work program can be a difficult task. As the government discovered, it is rarely as simple as it seems.  At Stegmeier Consulting Group, we have the experience to help you make flexible work understandable and available to employees in order to help your organization embrace the future of work without missing a beat or making costly mistakes.

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