7 Tips for Improving Your Remote Meetings

The way teams work and collaborate is changing. Consulting, remote workforces and outsourcing are all on the rise. Even if you operate a team that is technically based in the same physical office, it’s becoming more and more common that your clients prefer to communicate in a virtual manner instead of in person due to time constraints. One of the biggest issues that has surfaced around remote work is how to handle meetings. How do you communicate effectively when the meeting is with teams that are several hundreds or thousands of miles away instead of face-to-face in a conference room? How do you ensure that your employees are a part of the meeting, instead of just following directions?


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Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight…

Remote meetings will  be new to most workers. However, if they are prepared for the challenges remote working involves, these meetings will run more smoothly and there will be no decrease in productivity or efficiency. It is important to train your workers to be effective in a remote meetings. All it takes are a few simple policies to be followed. For example, one tip we recommend is to say the name of the person you are addressing on a conference call or video chat to make sure they know you are talking to them. This helps to avoid unnecessary confusion when body language is unclear or absent.

Simple tips like the ones this article gives can be very helpful. The important thing is to train employees in using these techniques when they are beginning their remote work program. Proper training ensures productive workers and excellent remote meetings.

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