18 ways to ensure your remote workforce doesn’t end up like Yahoo’s

Marissa Mayer found herself at the center of a controversy when she issued a mandate that all Yahoo employees must work in one of the company’s offices.

Many people saw this as an indictment against the telework movement, which has become a mainstream option in recent years thanks to the explosive growth of mobile and cloud technologies that allows many professionals to work anyplace they have Internet access. As Yahoo played damage control about the decision, describing the decision as necessary for Yahoo’s situation and not a value statement about remote workers, a picture began to emerge of wide scale corporate dysfunction.

Source: www.itnews.com

Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight

Yahoo is a great example of why you shouldn’t leave a telework program on auto-pilot. As this article points out, telework is not for everyone, but it isn’t always easy to know who can and can’t telework. Some of Yahoo’s teleworkers made no effort to do any work. Clearly these employees were not viable candidates for a flexible work program. Stegemeier Consulting’s Flexmatch Suitability Assessments are a reliable and easy way to determine which employees are the best for telework and which managers will be the best at leading them.

In addition to finding the right people, when preparing a remote work program, your organization must address training, defining telework protocols, and establishing work-life balance. These are all essential aspects of an effective telework program. Getting all of these facets of your telework program right can be a daunting prospect. Stegmeier Consulting Group can assist with a wide range of challenges involved in implementing a workplace change initiative.  Contact us to find out how our services can help your organization.



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