WorkTech – The Evolution of Change Management

Stegmeier Consulting Group founder, Diane Stegmeier, was asked to speak on how organizations can keep pace with the ever-changing workplace at the WorkTech Conference, a gathering of workplace thought leaders. The following clip is from her presentation at the conference in May 2013 in New York.

Diane Stegmeier’s WorkTech 2013 Presentation – Part I

Diane Stegmeier’s WorkTech 2013 Presentation – Part II

Diane Stegmeier is founder of Stegmeier Consulting Group, a globally-recognized leader in workplace change management. Founded in 2002, the 100 percent woman-owned firm has been engaged by diverse clients around the world to significantly reduce workplace costs while improving workforce productivity. She earned an MBA with a concentration in Leading Organizational Change from Kent State University, graduating in the top five percent of all masters / doctoral students of AACSB accredited business programs nationally. Stegmeier is a member of ACMP Global, the Association of Change Management Professionals.