Webinar: 5 Reasons to Implement an Office Hoteling Solution


On Thursday March 5, 2015  Diane Stegmeier, Founder & CEO of Stegmeier Consulting Group, co-hosted a webinar with RMG Networks’ Business Solutions Consultant Paul Schwabe that focused on the benefits of office hoteling.

RMG Hoteling SolutionOffice hoteling is an increasingly popular trend that involves mobile employees possessing the capability to reserve workstations electronically when they need to be physically present in their office.  We invite you to view the webinar and listen as Diane and Paul discuss a variety of topics that affect the modern workplace, such as work/life balance, generational issues, and how they relate to the hoteling trend.

Paul also spoke in-depth about a scheduling system RMG has developed that can help streamline the reservation process.

Click here to view the event.  We hope you find the information useful for your organization!

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