Visit Stegmeier Consulting Group at NeoCon 2016

You’ve heard the term “change management”

and may even know of a company or two that has applied some form of change management services to their project to relocate to a new workplace or redesign their current space. You can’t help but think, however, ‘what is change management?’ and ‘is this something our organization needs too?’

Truth be told, change management is a key component of any workplace initiative, and if you’ve been interested in learning more, you’re in luck.

The team at Stegmeier Consulting Group will be present at NeoCon 2016 in Chicago.  We will be happy to meet with your organization at no cost to learn about your challenges and have a no-pressure conversation about how we can help your employees transition to new spaces or new ways of working. Topics we can discuss include, though are not limited to, flexwork, telework, mobile work, activity-based working, and of course, the open office environment which has spurred controversy and debate over its implementation in recent years.

To secure an opportunity to meet with one of our consultants, please fill out and submit the form below. We will then send you an email invitation confirming our availability, then we’ll meet you at your preferred location in the Merchandise Mart at your desired time.


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