Unlimited Vacation, Flexwork, & Telework: Radio Interview with Voice of Russia

Imagine having unlimited vacation time from work. It’s a reality that several companies have implemented as an employment perk, but what exactly are the benefits for the employees and employers?


Voice of Russia Radio host Jessica Jordan spoke with Matthew Stegmeier, a consultant with Stegmeier Consulting Group, whose expertise focuses on workplace change management, to discuss this workplace practice.

Listen in to the Making Cents segment, below, as the organizational risks and benefits surrounding unlimited vacation policies, flexwork, and telework are analyzed.  Learn how these and other alternative workplace arrangements affect the people that make up your company’s workforce and hear about how your organization can benefit from these increasingly-used corporate strategies.

Listen to the .mp3 file here:  Unlimited Vacation Policies – Matthew Stegmeier on Voice of Russia Radio or find the interview on Voice of Russia’s site (our .mp3 file starts from the beginning of the interview, but on their site you’ll need to skip 5 minutes ahead).

You may also be interested in reading our interview in a recent MSNBC article, Unlimited Vacation – Is it a Gimmick?.

Offering your workforce real work-life balance will cut down on your staff getting burned out and an organizational culture that truly values the employee does not go unnoticed. If you’re thinking about making some changes to your corporate culture or if unlimited vacation or flexwork sounds like something that is needed in your organization, please let us know. Companies around the globe have sought Stegmeier Consulting Group’s expertise in implementing workplace strategies to increase employee productivity, reduce workplace costs, and improve corporate cultures.

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Matthew Stegmeier is a Consultant with Stegmeier Consulting Group, a globally-recognized leader in workplace change management known for helping organizations effectively implement telework programs and other alternative workplace strategies.

He has been instrumental in applying the firm’s best practices and proprietary Critical Influence methodology to clients’ mobility, flex work, shared-space environments, and other alternative workplace strategies. Matthew Stegmeier is a graduate of Miami University’s Richard T. Farmer School of Business and co-author of the forthcoming book, CAVE People in the Workplace: Managing Citizens Against Virtually Everything.